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About the Project

The Olympic Village Novogorsk

The Olympic Village Novogorsk. Resort – is the first residential complex of resort type, which is located on the border between Moscow and Moscow area. Flowing natural curves of the riverbed, the noise of leaves in the woods, the scent of pine needles, meadow flowers on the shore and water lilies on the water surface... All this magically plunges into another reality, where time flows in its own dimension... For the residents of our housing complex we realize the dream - not to leave the resort, but to live in the "resort"! Using the art of innovative development, attracting supporters eminent architects, athletes, actors, we are forming a perfect and harmonious space. The reality, in which you will want to stay forever.

The Olympic Village Novogorsk. Resort - the only one residential complex in the near suburbs with its own island, which serves both esthetic and recreational function. This is the heart of the project, which beats its calm and soothing rhythm. On the island will be located walking zone, sports and children's playgrounds, beach and boat station. With living area island will be connected safe and beautiful bridge, and residents can enjoy a wide range of different attributes of the resort: beach, fishing, boat station, swimming pool. Nearby is a golf course that will be a point of attraction for lovers of this elite sport and for those who just want to learn how to play golf. If you are fond of fishing - absolutely near the closed territory of a housing estate there is the trout farm, one of the largest in Moscow area. Here will be open a school of sports fishing.


Academy of Sports by Irina Viner-Usmanova
Academy of martial arts by Renat Laishev
Volleyball School by Lyubov Sokolova
National Park of Skhodnya-river valley
Sports and educational cluster for the family
Underground parking
The beach and open swimming pool
The golf course (27 hectares)
Sports training base Novogorsk
Kalina Country club (restaurant)
"Russian Switzerland"
Our own resort island
Box academy by Alexander Lebzyak

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